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Bioenergetic Frequency Spa

The new wave of health & wellness

The world’s first and only Frequency Spa is right here in Tulsa!

We have carefully crafted our spa to provide you with the highest vibrational experience possible in only 30 minutes.

The process is simple and relaxing. Enter our peaceful Frequency Spa area, and with the help of our Spa Director, choose which treatment is best for you. Then relax in one of our comfortable spa chairs, put on a pair of our special headsets and relax for 30 minutes until your treatment is complete.

Supplement your treatment with a detox salt and essential oil foot bath and enjoy a cup of one of our complimentary, hot herbal teas.

Escape from the pains and pressures of life and allow our soothing frequency sounds and vibrations to permeate your body and bring harmony to your soul. You will leave each time feeling refreshed and invigorated! 

Choose from 10 different categories to address your specific need.
  • Women’s Support
  • Men’s Support
  • Stress & Anxiety Relief
  • Detox Support
  • Better Sleep
  • Brain Fog & Headache Support
  • Chakra Alignment
  • Weight Management
  • Pain Relief
  • Digestion Support


How can balancing your frequencies help you?

Every living organism requires communication and cooperation between its cells.  Therefore, each cell emits a specific, vibrational frequency. When those frequencies fall out of balance from stress, toxins, or negative thought patterns, mental and physical dis-ease can manifest in the body. Furthermore, when frequencies are in balance, the body can heal itself and remain resilient – free from sickness and dis-ease.

With the latest in bio energetic frequency technologies, we can now balance our body’s frequencies and optimize our health. CoR’s Frequency Spa provides bio energetic treatments designed to improve metabolism, cellular communication, mood, blood circulation and much more.

The electromagnetic waves that you receive in our Frequency Spa support cellular communication. The healing frequencies always reach the intended source of a problem or concern, as they are passed from cell to cell until they do.


Visit our Frequency Spa Store

We have hand picked some amazing products so you can take all the high vibes home with you! 

In today’s world we experience an onslaught of damaging toxins on a daily basis. This drains us of our life force energy. Furthermore, if we do not nurture and maintain a healthy balanced vibration it can lead to mental, physical, emotional and spiritual dis-ease. However, when we intentionally give our bodies what they need and clear the toxic overload within,
every area of our lives begins to flourish.

Our vibrational products at CoR are specifically designed to draw out and dissolve negative toxic energy. Moreover, they’re also designed to cultivate the naturally balanced energy within. This is accomplished by the use of precious gemstones, crystals, essential oils and lots of infused love!

Choose from 6 different kinds of bath salts, vibrational therapy jewelry, crystal decor,
EMF protection products, grounding products and more!

Frequency Treatment


frequency treatment

complimentary healing herbal tea

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Frequency Spa Deluxe


frequency treatment

complimentary healing herbal tea

detox salt foot bath

Frequency Spa Add-On’s

  • Paraffin Wax Hand Dip                $7.00
  • Activated Charcoal Foot Soak    $3.00

Sharla Ember

Sharla Ember is a sound and energy healer, singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. She leads workshops and events where she combines music, meditation and spiritual guidance to help people discover their deepest soul purpose and return to their natural state of being which is Love.