Meet Our CoR Team

Our CoR team collectively has decades of experience in the health, energy healing and beauty industries. We’re proud to say that we’re all a product of our teaching and philosophies. The health challenges we’ve faced in our own lives have led us to want to help others overcome their challenges as well. We are committed to making sure you get what you need in order to achieve optimal wellness.

Laura Widney

Laura has worked in the beauty industry for the past 15 years, as well as the health and wellness industry for the past 5 years. She is passionate about bringing together these two industries to help others look and feel their best through balance in their daily routines.
The body is wonderfully made and if properly aligned it can heal itself. She believes shifting the energy patterns in the body can have tremendous positive effects on the health and wellness of the body, mind and spirit.

Amy Van Antwerp

Amy is a Board Certified Massage Therapist and Craniosacral Practitioner. She focuses on core issues in your structure and not just symptoms in the muscles. She helps chronic pain and recalibrates the stress response, which she likes to describe as doing a software update on a computer. A better more upgraded version of yourself is her goal for you, so you can get back to moving more pain-free with better musculoskeletal function. She also works with infants and children. As one of the AO Scan technicians, she helps optimize you bioenergetically, sending frequency into the body to detect and correct many imbalances that have not been alleviated with conventional methods.   

Virginia Vidacak

Virginia has been a licensed holistic esthetician for more than 7 years. She approaches esthetics and self-care services in a way that balances the physical, emotional, energetic and mental aspects of the body to encourage optimal health, beauty and happiness. An anti-aging expert, Virginia brings beauty, balance and peace into the life of her clients. She looks forward to broadening her knowledge about the benefits of frequency healing with esthetics to create something really special for her clients.

Sharla Ember

Sharla Ember is a sound and energy healer, singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. She leads workshops and events where she combines music, frequency healing, meditation and spiritual guidance to help people discover their deepest soul purpose and return to their natural state of being which is Love. It’s her passion to bring all races, religions and cultures together in unity through music, community, unconditional love and acceptance.

Kim Hamilton

Kim is a Licensed Massage Therapist who specializes in Lymphatic Drainage. Other areas of interest and specialty include Reflexology and combining Myofascial techniques to assist the body’s journey to wholeness. Helping others take a proactive approach in their health and wellness fuels her passion for bodywork. Seeing a stress free smile from her clients after treatment motivates and encourages her to strive to always be the most helpful therapist and also inspires continued education in ways to enhance the lives of others. Kim is also a certified Viora Laser Technician.

Balancing your CoR is Our Mission


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