Bioenergetic DNA Testing

Discover what your DNA reveals about your health.

Detect imbalances, identify deficiencies and receive a comprehensive plan to correct the areas of concern with our bioenergetic DNA test.

Eliminate trial and error on
your way to wellness

Only the Bioenergetic DNA Test provides a comprehensive package to
detect and correct the health markers it identifies.


24 Page Health Vitals Report

This report identifies over 650 areas which are then grouped into 47 different categories for ease of understanding.
View sample report.


4 Page Wellness Summary

This summary breaks down which main health markers are areas of concern so that you can begin your path to healing. View sample report.


Customized Treatment Recommendations

Our holistic health practitioner will recommend products, foods or lifestyle changes that will benefit you most.

One Empowered Customer

Our unique process empowers you to understand what’s going on in your body as well as provides you with an easy-to-follow action plan.

Bioenergetic frequency is the language of your DNA

The only one
of its kind.

Unlike other DNA tests – we don’t simply look at generalized DNA variants to determine your health risk. Our Bioenergetic DNA Test will detect the imbalances in your body by reading the current frequencies that are operating within each cell.

What are
bioenergetic markers?

Bioenergetic markers are the 3,000 different areas of the body that our test analyzes. The test measures each frequency found within every bioenergetic marker and displays the results in our 24  page report.

It’s time to get to the root.

Have you searched tirelessly for answers to your symptoms to no avail? Are you ready, once and for all, to get to the root of the symptoms you’ve been experiencing?

In just 3 easy steps you’ll be well on your way to having the answers you’ve longed to know. No more shooting in the dark hoping to hit the target.



Whether you’re searching for answers to mysterious symptoms, wanting to find answers to an existing issue, or just wanting to get crystal clear on what you need to improve your health in general – this test will provide the answers you’re looking for!

We’ll help you get on the right track by guiding you to a treatment that is tailor-made for you.

What Bioenergetic DNA Testing can detect.

Hormonal Imbalances


Fungal, Viral and Bacterial Infections

Food Sensitivities

Heavy Metal Toxicity

All Organ and System Performance


What people are saying . . .

Bioenergetic DNA Testing saved me from having to spend thousands of dollars on tests! For months I had not felt very good. I was constantly tired and fatigued. This was not my usual self. So, I thought I would try something more natural to see if I could figure out what was causing the sudden change in my health. After the test was performed, the report told me I had a fungus. I started taking an anti-fungal supplement that was recommended and within a month I was back to my old self with more energy than before. I am soooo thankful to have found this out. I can’t imagine the money I would have spent going through so many invasive tests.
Who would have known that a
fungus would have done that much
damage to my health?

Rebecca S.

I get sinus infections fairly easy. They usually last two or three weeks before they go away. I do not like taking antibiotics. I had a friend tell me about DNA saliva testing, so I thought I’d give it a try. The process was very easy and fast. After I started my vitamins my head felt better the next day. I was really amazed how fast it helped my sinus infection. I have never found something that works that good and is all NATURAL! I will use Bioenergetic DNA Testing from now on with any problems I might have.

Dereck P.

I was diagnosed with black mold toxicity in
January 2014. I was 5 times above the maximum
level. It was a very long road to recovery. Years of seeing different doctors with different treatments, but when I did a DNA test 6 months ago, I immediately saw amazing progress. The customized program accelerated my healing, and after 6 months of following the recommendations, I was released from my program!

Stephanie B.

Good News! My osteoporosis has reversed! The doctor says my “bones are stronger than most young women” thanks to your program!

Betty P.

I was having issues with my hormones and mood swings for a couple years after I had
babies. I worked out and ate healthy but still couldn’t seem to feel like myself. I mailed in my saliva to get tested. I got my products in the mail very quickly afterward. I started taking them and within a week I felt so much better. My energy level was up and I felt that happy feeling again. Come to find out it was my adrenal glands that were messed up. I would have never figured that out by myself. Thank you Bioenergetic DNA Testing!

Tracey T.

How bioenergetic DNA testing works

Within each cell your DNA emits a specific, vibrational frequency. When those frequencies fall out of balance from stress, toxins, or negative thought patterns then mental and physical dis-ease can manifest in the body.

Furthermore, when frequencies are in balance, the body can heal itself and remain resilient – free from sickness and dis-ease.

Upon receiving your DNA samples of saliva, urine and hair, our bioenergetic DNA scanner will analyze over 250,000 pieces of data being broadcast via frequencies back and forth through the body. 

The scan narrows it down to over 650 areas which are then grouped into 47 different categories for ease of understanding.

After receiving your samples, your results and recommendations will be ready to view in your online account within 10 business days or less.


It’s time to get to the CoR of your health issue. We can help!

Get started with 3 easy steps

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We analyze your saliva, hair and urine for comprehensive results

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